National Music Center

Had a nice tour through the NMC here in Calgary a couple weeks ago. Scattered throughout the amazing architecture and design is a ton of history and very cool instruments. I highly encourage you to go have a peek and take your time soaking it all in. 

Illuminasia YYC

We had the chance to go to the Calgary Zoo the other night to take in the Illuminasia Lantern festival/display that’s set up. All sorts of lanterns highlighting the 4 seasons, 4 noble plants of the Chinese culture, as well as incorporating zoo and culturally symbolic animals.  

Burstall Pass Hike – Kananaskis

Last weekend we went for a hike in Kananaskis country with a fellow VanArts Photo student. He’s pretty much a local to the area so Jess and I knew we were in good hands. To view his amazing photography head over to his site. Alex Yonge  What would normally be about a 5 hr hike easily turns into a 6.5 hr hike when you have 3 Photographers stopping every 100 yards for “ohhhhh look at that”. Pretty hard not to […]

Circle of friends 

Once again I find myself apologizing for not keeping my own promise of being more consistent in my posts. That being said…. I had a great time last weekend with a great group of friends for a new house warming dinner.  I’ve recently acquired a veeeery nice Sigma 35mm f1.4 and it’s a pleasure to shoot candid portraits with.     A week or two ago I found myself killing some time down near Eau Claire and Prince’s Island park so […]

Calgary walk abouts

I just realized that I haven’t kept up on posting photos as much as I’d like to so I have to get this ball rolling again. The Fall is really showing its colors now in Calgary and it’s always been my favorite time of year.  I went out for a leisurely stroll the other day and of course brought my camera with the 50mm that I rarely use.  It’s a real fun lens to play with.  The fixed lens with […]

Little Critters

I spent a weekend in Radium a couple weeks back and as usual I walked about camera in hand. I always enjoy stopping for the little things.              

Our beloved Pets 

I thought I’d share a few pet photos I’ve done over the years.  Being a dog lover I thoroughly enjoyed photographing all these guys, and I’d love to book anyone who’s looking for some beautiful pictures of their own pets. Drop me a line and we’ll sort something out!                              

Castle Mountain

This past weekend my beautiful gf and I spent a few days in Radium. On the drive there you turn off highway 1 and south onto 93, surprisingly easy to miss if you’re too busy staring up at this wonder. On the drive back home I knew I had to stop and take a photo, hopefully I’ve done her justice.

Beware of smiling dog 

I was looking back at some old photos I had on my phone and came across this one of Karma, my moms late Belgian Shepherd that passed away in 2006.  She had a freak accident that wasn’t witnessed and became paralyzed from the midsection down. Poor girl was a delight. Even minutes before the call was made to euthanize her I was able to get her to smile for me like this photo here. It always threw people off and […]

On the lake

Snapped a quick shot of my moms German shepherd “Bree” today. She did everything in her power to not look directly at me. After dinner we decided to go for a walk around the lake. Something I haven’t done yet in the summer here in Alix.           

Sour Toe!!

I came across the little souvenir a while ago. For those of you in Dawson City this weekend (May 15-16th) for the International Gold Show be sure to go and get the SOURTOE COCKTAIL.  **Click on the photo to see how. 

KneeHill Creek

For May long weekend I decided to drive up to see my mother in Alix. Instead of fighting the traffic on highway 2 with everyone crawling along with 5th wheels in tow; I decided to drive up highway 21. Now my favorite part of the drive is this little dip into a valley at KneeHill Creek. The sun was shining just right so I decided to stop and pull out my cameras before the light was gone.      Just up […]

Making some more changes to the site

Always tinkering here at Lucdumas.com.  We’ve got a Shoot Pricing page, Photo Purchasing page and more on the horizon.  Keep coming back meow!  🙂


Here’s an image of my beautiful girlfriend and I in Tofino on my birthday  🙂 First post as a test on my re-vamped website 🙂

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